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Our BLACK HISTORY POWER PAK! is our flagship product. As a full curriculum, it contains books, DVDs and CDs to increase and improve reading comprehension, cultural awareness, and character development. We have something for everyone in the family.

My Most Recommended Product


Product Details

Our AFRICAN ORIGINS DVDs are a must for children and adults to understand the rich legacy from whihc we have come.

Our DVDs and books visually document African contributions to reading and writing, language and literature, mathematics and medicine, architecture and engineering, astronomy and agriculture, science and technology, and much, much more!

Poster: Paul Robeson


Poster: Booker T. Washington


Poster: 7 Principles of Ma'at


Honoring Our Ancestral Obligations

This new book by award-winning educator, author and internationally-acclaimed speaker, Chike Akua, is transforming the lives of high school and college students along with adults who were denied this information in their schooling.

Dr. John Henrik Clarke, one of our most highly respected and highly regarded scholars, remarked that great African empires, civilizations and communities were held together by two things: 'honor and obligation.'

To honor is to show deep respect. An obligation is a responsibility one has that must be fulfilled without question. So, "Honoring Our Ancestral Obligations" means that we will show deep respect to our Ancestors by the way we live our lives and that we will fulfill our responsibilities without question."

Read this book and get answers to the following questions:

  • In what ways has Black cultural identity been stolen and how can it be restored?
  • What effects has this stolen cultural identity had on Black people, families and communities?
  • What must Black students know about their culture in order to find success academically and professionally?
  • Why has the truth of Black culture and history been hidden and falsified?
  • What steps must Black students take to rebuild Black families and communities?
  • What obligations do we have to our Ancestors?


African Sacred Science: What Does It Mean To Be Black?

Experience a life-changing presentation about YOUR history from award winning author, speaker, teacher and publisher Chike Akua. Learn things about Black culture & history that you never imagined before at this powerful presentation. This presentation will enlighten you and inspire you beyond words.

This powerful presentation has been called the single, best Black history presentation ever delivered. It is full of eye opening knowledge, beautiful slides, details and interesting facts. Chike's presentation is entertaining, educational and INSPIRING, all at the same time. This is a must-see for every Black person alive.

This amazing presentation was recorded live at the headquarters of the Black Business Network in Atlanta, Georgia.

DVD Video, 1 hour, 29 minutes


Poster: Student Creed


Poster: Seshat


Poster: Ralph Ellison


Poster: Queen Tiye


Poster: Queen Nefartari


Poster: Ptahotep


Poster: Muhammad Ali


Poster: Menuhotep


Poster: Ancient African Mathematics


Poster: Imhotep


Poster: Harriet Tubman


Poster: Frederick Douglass


Poster: Elijah Muhammad


Poster: Arthur Schomburg


Poster: Anna Julia Cooper


Poster: Marcus Garvey


Majesty of the Moors

Majesty of the Moors is an absolutely mind-blowing presentation about the Africans that ruled spain from 700 A.D. 1492 A.D.  

These visual presentations are delivered by award-winning educator, historian, speaker and publisher Chike Akua. These amazing presentations will change your life when you see them.


African Presence in Early Europe

In part 1, Chike Akua delivers a dynamic and complete presentation about the amazing history of the Black Moors of Spain. This has been called one of the most powerful presentations EVER delivered.


The Magnitude of Their Mastery

In part 2, Chike Akua delivered an entirely new presentation about the Moors. Weeks prior to delivering this presentation, Chike travelled to Morocco, Spain and Senegal, where he led a study group to the ancient lands of the Moors. In Majesty of the Moors Part 2 gave even more powerful information about the Moors. His presentation features on-site photos and key information gotten from his recent trip.

COMPLETE SET (parts 1 & 2)

Get both of these powerful DVDs and receive a complete education on the phenomenal Moors of Spain. These DVDs should be in the library of every Black family.


Poster: John Henrik Clarke


Poster: Ida B. Wells


Poster: James Baldwin


Poster: Fannie Lou Hamer


ParentPower! The Keys to Your Child's Academic and Social Success

ParentPower!: The Keys to Your Child's Academic & Social Success (includes BONUS CD)

*How can you improve your child's academic performance?
*What can you do to prepare your child to handle the challenges of negative peer pressure?
*How can you start planning now to get your child into the college of your choice (with a scholarship)?
*How can you encourage your child to be sexually responsible?

So many parents today feel helpless to assist their children to achieve an succeed because of the many challenges and negative influences in society.  This book contains the ParentPower Method--the specific strategies andd tools parents can use to ensure their child's academic and social success by being rooted and grounded in thebest of their culture.

ParentPower! contains the blueprint for your child's success.  Each chapter contains activities for the family.


Education for Transformation: Keys to Genius of African American Students

Learn the keys to releasing the genius of African American students in Chike Akua's new book, "Education for Transformation".

This book is a must-read for all serious educators who want to get results and understand the connection between culture and achievement.  This book will motivate even the mediocre teacher to work toward becoming a master in education.  The book succeeds in transporting the reader to a master teacher's vivid classroom and offers insights about how to craft such space and meaningfully connect with students in deep and lasting ways.

Every school district concerned with the academic, social and emotional achievement of their students should embrace this book without hesitation and make it a central component of their professional development agenda.

"Education for Transformation" is a testament and a must-read for those who want to recapture the essence of teaching and unlocking the natural genius in African American children.

Order your copy(ies) today.


SuccessQuest Home Study Course

If you want to learn how to get PAID as an educational consultant, you can't afford NOT to have your SuccessQuest! Educational Consultants Home Study Course.  (includes study manual and 6 instructional CDs)

Do you want to make $500 to $5000 in a day?

Do you want to train teachers?  Conduct workshops and seminars?

Do you want to be a WELL-PAID, IN-DEMAND keynote speaker at conferences?

Do you want to write/publish YOUR OWN BOOK or product a DVD or audioprogram and sell it?

Do you want the FREEDOM to make your own schedule and travel to places you've always wanted to go?

If you're SERIOUS, let Chike Akua coach you!  Learn how to increase your ability to get booked for speaking engagements!  Learn how to increase your honorarium!  Learn how to increase your $ALE$!  A small investment gets you information on how to make $500 to $5000 in day!

Your favorite athletes and entertainers have coaches.  High-paid executives have executive coaches.  Get on the fast track in your quest for success.

Have you attended a live SuccessQuest Speaker's Bootcamp previously?
If so, click here to receive your special Alumni discount (your Alumni status will be verified after order is placed).


Sankofa Kemet - My First Trip To The Motherland

What would it be like to go on the journey of a lifetime... A trip to Egypt?

12-year old author, Jahbari Akua tells his fascinating story of first learning about this magnificent ancient African civilization, then the incredible 11-day odyssey in his book Sankofa Kemet: My First Trip to the Motherland.

Children and families will experience the wonderful journey through Jahbari's eyes as he takes them to each of the sites and monuments he saw.  Join Jahbari as he sails the Nile, stands at the foot of the Great Pyramid, stands face-to-face with the Horemakhet (Sphinx), and walks between the colossal pillars of the sacred temples.

This book also contains an epilogue detailing how this journey was both the culmination and continuation of a family tradition.  Lastly, the book contains an Activity Guide full of classroom activities and home activities aimed at increasing reading comprehension, vocabulary development, and cultural awareness.

Praise for Sankofa Kemet: My First Trip to the Motherland:

From the Introduction by Anthony T. Browder

"Within the pages of Sankofa Kemet: My First Trip to the Motherland,Jahbari and Chike Akua have returned to the source and given us a roadmap for building strong and loving relationships between fathers, sons, and communities.  The Akua family members are twenty-first century knowledge keepers who provide us with a model of family values that is sorely needed and worth emulating."

      Anthony T. Browder, Author & Cultural Historian
      Finding Karakhamun, Egypt on the Potomac, & Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization   

From the Foreword by Dr. Runoko Rashidi

"Here we have a new work by one of our cherished youth--brother Jahbari Akua.  Through a firsthand view, as an eyewitness, he captures the essence of what made African people great and what Africans are capable of."

      Dr. Runoko Rashidi, Author & Historian
      Global African Presence


Magnificent Black Women In History - Volume 1

Learn about several Magnificent Black Women that have had a major impact in history, in this life-changing DVD by world-renowned African-centered historian Chike Akua. This video will both educate and inspire you, beyond words.

Chike Akua is a scholar, teacher, author and publisher. He is a leading authority on Black history, as well as culturally relevant educational materials and instructional programs. Selected as one of Ebony Magazine’s “50 Leaders of Tomorrow”, Chike Akua is taking the world by storm.

In this ground-breaking presentation, “Magnificent Black Women In History - Volume 1”, Chike Akua delivers a powerful “visual lecture” that every Black person needs to see...

Since the beginning of time, Black women have been the foundation for family, faith, and fortitude in the Black community. From deepest Africa, from the Nile or the Niger rivers, to America and the islands of the Carribean, the power of the Black woman has been felt throughout the land. In this presentation, Chike pinpoints Magnificent Black Women throughout history (ancient & modern) that have inspired him and then profiles their lives.

Learn things about Black women that you most likely have never heard of before, in this powerful presentation delivered live at TAG TEAM Marketing Center in Atlanta, Georgia.


Black History Power Pak

 The Black History Power Pak is a kit of wonderful Black history materials. It includes non-fictional materials, a fictional book, activity books, CDs, DVDs and much more! It even has test taking materials for us if you are teaching this to children. With these materials, you can learn all about Black history, read fictional stories based on ancient African principles, take tests on the materials, listen to educational CDs, watch DVDs and more. Complete the entire Power Pak and you will be a Black history POWERHOUSE!

These materials were carefully put together by educator, author, speak and publisher Chike Akua. Mr. Akua has over 14 years teaching experience and was awarded "Teacher of the Year". He has facilitated workshops for the Tavis Smiley Foundation's annual "Youth 2 Leaders" Conference, and now trains teachers how to instruct Black children. In addition, Mr. Akua has assisted in leading over 800 youth and adults on study tours to Egypt and Ghana. Chike was also selected as one of Ebony magazine's "50 Leaders of Tomorrow". The Black History Power Pak contains one of each of Mr. Akua's books, plus two of his DVDs and two BONUS CDs.

The Black History Power Pak has changed the lives of Black people all over the world. This set is a MUST for every Black family. Give someone you love the gift of knowing their own history. Order a Black History Power Pak TODAY!


Black History Poster Pak

Enjoy this gorgeous 7 poster set from world renowned African Historian Chike Akua of Imani Enterprises. Each of these 7 Black history color posters are printed on high quality, glossy, protographic paper and measures 18" x 24" and includes an extra 1" white border around the edges for easy framing or immediate hanging on your wall. Perfect for your home or office. Order the entire set and SAVE.

7 poster set includes:

1) Malcolm X Quote poster
2) Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Quote poster
3) Mary McLeod Bethune Quote poster
4) Dr. Carter G. Woodson Quote poster
5) Hatshepsut Quote poster
6) Kemetic Timeline #1 Poster
7) Kwanzaa Poster


Poster: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Enjoy this gorgeous poster from world renowned African Historian Chike Akua of Imani Enterprises. This color poster is printed on high quality, glossy, protographic paper and measures 18" x 24" and includes an extra 1" white border around the edges for easy framing or immediate hanging on your wall. Perfect for your home or office.


Poster: Malcolm X Quote

Enjoy this gorgeous poster from world renowned African Historian Chike Akua of Imani Enterprises. This color poster is printed on high quality, glossy, protographic paper and measures 18" x 24" and includes an extra 1" white border around the edges for easy framing or immediate hanging on your wall. Perfect for your home or office.


Poster: Hatshepsut

Enjoy this gorgeous poster from world renowned African Historian Chike Akua of Imani Enterprises. This color poster is printed on high quality, glossy, protographic paper and measures 18" x 24" and includes an extra 1" white border around the edges for easy framing or immediate hanging on your wall. Perfect for your home or office.


Poster: Mary McLeod Bethune Quote

Enjoy this gorgeous poster from world renowned African Historian Chike Akua of Imani Enterprises. This color poster is printed on high quality, glossy, protographic paper and measures 18" x 24" and includes an extra 1" white border around the edges for easy framing or immediate hanging on your wall. Perfect for your home or office.


Poster: Dr Carter G Woodson

Enjoy this gorgeous poster from world renowned African Historian Chike Akua of Imani Enterprises. This color poster is printed on high quality, glossy, protographic paper and measures 18" x 24" and includes an extra 1" white border around the edges for easy framing or immediate hanging on your wall. Perfect for your home or office.


Poster: Kwanzaa

This gorgeous 32.5 x 42 inch poster teaches you the principles of Kwanzaa. It contains the names and definitions of each of the seven principles and days of Kwanzaa. The poster features a gorgeous photo of world-renowned author, teacher and publisher Chike Akua and his son Jabari. Gaze at this stunning poster and learn all about the amazing, new Black holiday celebration that is celebrated by more than 4 million Black people worldwide. Proudly display your culture in your home or office.


The Miracle of the Maafa DVD

The Miracle of the Maafa: Understanding African Enslavement & Empowerment DVD is a powerful presentation by Chike Akua that answers the following questions:

•What were African people doing for the thousands of years prior to enslavement?

•Did African people have universities and libraries?

•If African people were so great, how were they overtaken by Europeans?

•Why is every African person you see a living miracle?

This powerful presentation was recorded live at Truth & Transformation Ministries in Atlanta, Georgia.


Poster: African Origins Timelines

These two, beautiful, full-color timeline posters, give you a detailed chronology of the people and accomplishments of ancient Kemet (Egypt). With details of the dynastic periods, Poster #1 is a horizontal timeline.  Poster #2 is a vertical timeline. Together, these two posters make a complete timeline that is a must for those who want to place Kemetic culture in proper historical and cultural context.

Carefully constructed by Chike Akua, based on almost 20 years of primary and secondary research, it is a wonderful reference guide for both beginning and serious, seasoned students of African history.

These posters are full of beautiful, ancient Kimetic images, printed on high quality photographic paper, and are visually stunning. These posters are sure to be conversation piece in your home or office. They are an endless source of learning, culture and inspiration, for both adults and children alike.

Buy one or both (recommended) of these exclusive posters TODAY.


Reading Revolution: Reconnecting the Roots

 This wonderful book will help you improve their compehension and consciousness at the same time. This wonderful educational workbook features pricessless Black history lessons in an engaging and easy to read format. Made for teaching, this book allows you to not only read, but test your understanding:

• 90 engaging, high-interest reading selections
• Standardized test format
• Topic
• Main idea
• Supporting details
• Context clues
• Sequencing
• Making inferences
• 5 bonus selections!

The book was intended for students Grades 6 through 9, but has received RAVE reviews from people of all ages, including many adults.

If you want to learn Black history, this is the one book you need.

*** This book is included in Chike Akua's Black History Power Pak.


Words of Power

Words of Power is a book which empowers parents and teachers to share with their children the wonders of profound words. With quotes and proverbs from around the world, Words of Power enables you to create an environment of higher consciousness for your children by using these quotes as small posters. These quotes can be used as a quote of the week, a school writing assignments, a journal reflections, etc. This wonderful book is a must for parents and teachers that are passionate about educating their Black children.

*** This book is a part of the "Educator's Power Pack" kit in the Educational category.


A Treasure Within

Enjoy three wonderful short stories in which young people have encounters with ancient African ancestors, to learn about our traditional culture and values. Each of the three stories in this wonderful book, truly inspires the reader:


A Treasure Within:
Marcus is trying to make the grades to go to a summer basketball camp. But will a recent fight and suspension ruin his plans? Ptahotep, guides Marcus through the mistakes he made in the past and helps him chart a course for the future.

A Reason for Being:
Imani likes Jamal. Kia insists that Imani should wear the “right” clothes to get Jamal’s attention. But when Imani is caught violating the school dress code and her parents’ dress code, will she be able to get his attention? Ma’at shares with Imani the ancient wisdom which helps her tap the hidden power within and assists her in making better decisions.

Daniel & the Djembe Drum:
Disillusioned by the death of his father and the mounting peer pressure to engage in self-destructive behavior, Daniel finds Babatunde, a master drummer from Ghana. Can Babatunde, through the ancient art of drumming, help him face the pressures of growing up and dealing with the death of his father?

In these three compelling short stories, Marcus, Imani, and Daniel learn to operate in today’s world with the moral, cultural, and spiritual wisdom of the Ancestors. Each are taken back in time to learn higher knowledge from ancient African Ancestral Guides.


(optional) Parent / Teacher Resource Guide
The Parent / Teacher Guide is the complete companion to the book 'A Treasure Within'. Use this guide to instruct your child while they read 'A Treasure Within'.  This book includes a complete companion curriculum that can be used to do extra activities related to the stories in A Treasure Within.  These activities are designed to improve reading comprehension, writing, and grammar skills.


“A Treasure Within is the book that many of us have been waiting for. The deep thinking of Ancient Africa is grasped and communicated clearly through these three powerful stories. Families, counselors, teachers, and the community in general, can relate directly to these stories… I am thankful for this outstanding contribution to our mental and spiritual liberation. Our Ancestors are pleased. Amun is satisfied.”

Asa G. Hilliard III, Ed.D.
Profesor of Urban Education, Georgia State University


"A Treasure Within is a remarkable collection of stories with a broad appeal to all youth.  The stories instruct, develop moral character, adn entertain at the same time. The accompanying Parent/Teacher Resource Guide is  a great and useful addition to this wonderful collection."

Dr. William Hammond, Reading Instructional Corrdinator
Dekalb County Schools, Atlanta, Georgia



African Origins Of Our Faith

Learn all about the actual African origins of our faith in this powerful Book & DVD set. Get answers you've been looking for:

  • What are some of humanity’s first concepts about spirituality?
  • Are vestiges of these original African spiritual concepts still found in the holy books of the world's religions?
  • How can we use these original spiritual concepts to empower ourselves and our communities?
  • Is religion used to elevate and uplift or to manipulate and exploit?

* The new edition of this DVD was recorded live in Atlanta, Georgia at TAG TEAM Marketing.

Akua Chike Akua
President & CEO

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