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Powerful, Unique & Effective Business Education For The Black Community
TAG TEAM University offers live seminars, online classes, CDs, DVDs and private training sessions that teach Black people how to succeed in business and in life. Whether you are a student, an employee, a beginning entrepreneur, a network marketer or a traditional business owner, TAG TEAM University can help you reach your goals. ENROLL TODAY and start watching our powerful online training videos.
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Online Training Program

We offer a powerful online training programs where you can learn life-changing Black business skills.

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Black Business
Black Business

Learn powerful Black business concepts and techniques that have helped thousands succeed. Develop powerful skills that you can apply immediately in your business and in life.


Network Marketing
Delxino Coaching

Learn the legendary "TAG TEAM System" that Delxino & Deborah used to build a predominantly Black network marketing team of 230,000 distributors. Become a marketing powerhouse.



Learn the basics of investing and stock trading in easy to follow, exciting, informative, online classes. Learn how to invest money and earn money, from a Black perspective.


Watch our online classes and learn powerful information that can take your life to a new level.

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Read and watch testimonials from many of the thousands of TAG TEAM University students around the world.



Jeff StoneI just purchased the CD "Success Is Not An Opiton" and it is phenomenal!!! It is, to the point, relevant, clear concise, and smacked me right between the eyes with pertinence! Delxino's words just plain made sense. Period. No stray extraineous words, just truth and information. Debbie... all I can say is, if I didn't even speak English, I would have gotten her message! She tore it up. Her words came forth with fire! For all who are considering purchasing this CD, believe me... if you are Black, each and every word from Delxino and Debbie will fall into a space in your brain that has been open and waiting for them to arrive! Maybe I'm biased, because I saw them both rise up in their former network marketing company. In the quarterly magazine there were pages noting the top producers in several categories. For months - no - years, Delxino was on top. I have to admit, I wondered how this brother was beating THE WORLD, month after month, year after year! Another team, headed up by TWO experienced networkers NEVER CAUGHT UP! They were always number two! For those of you who might have doubts as to Delxino and Debbie's claims, I was there when their former company handed out yearly bonus checks based on production. It started in the low thousands of dollars. Then the crowd of thousands went wild as some of the top producers check amounts were announced... $50,000, $65,000, $80,000 etc. It was amazing! Then they announced the bounus check for the TEAM OF TWO EXPERIENCED NETWORK MARKETERS. The check was HUGE! There was a stall of the ceremony as people gasped at the monster check! Then the founders said "wait, were not finished yet". They announced the one and only Delxino Wilson de Briano, as the crowd hushed and held our breath, thinking that no one man could top that! I hope Delxino doesn't mind, but his share was a WHOPPING $700,000 PLUS!!!!!! I had to leave the venue to join about a thousand others who had to go outside and get some air! Page after page, category after category, one black man remained at the very top using the TAG TEAM System. Listen and learn. Absorb just his passion and you will do much more than you ever imagined! Listen to his CD and pay attention to every vibration that emits from his voice, and you will amaze yourself with what you accomplish! I'm going to order more of the series because Delxino and Debbie are PROVEN leaders. Not authors or theorists or conceptualists. They have done it. If the listeners decide to walk a mile in their shoes, where you will end up will blow away your self imposed limitations, your failures, and most of all, your mind! Keep it up Delxino and Debbie. I know you will get where you are trying to go, and you will take thousands of brothers and sisters with you. I've seen you do it before! Take heed! He knows what he is talking about. He HAS DONE IT! Sincerely,

Jeff Stone
Hartford, Connecticut
United States
TAG TEAM University
Student Testimonial

Michelle Ricketts Michelle Ricketts
South Orange, New Jersey
United States

TAG TEAM University
Student Testimonial

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